YHouse is a non-profit organization, research institute, and unique gathering space (“House”) based in Manhattan and dedicated to accelerating our understanding of the nature of awareness through cutting- edge science, next-step technology, and multiple areas of thought and insight. Critically, YHouse will integrate its research activities with a major program of public discourse, made possible by New York’s status as a hub of diversity, research, education, commerce, arts, and media.

YHouse aims to build a culture of open-minded rigor and a spirit of transdisciplinary inquiry that breaks free of the institutional barriers in academia and society. YHouse will employ and host pioneering researchers and creators, and will drive progress on central “why?” questions of awareness (“Y”) – from the origins of life to neuroscience, artificial intelligence to society, and more.

We plan for YHouse to grow organically from a core scientific staff of 3 to 5 principal investigators and postdoctoral researchers, together with a small administrative team. Our initial three-year goal is to reach a level of approximately 15 full time researchers, an annual body of 15-20 short and long-term local and global visitors, who may include artists-in-residence, and technology partners.

This document summarizes the vision of YHouse.

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