A key component of the YHouse culture is the recognition that the challenge of public discourse is as important for research progress as any internal dialog. YHouse will run a vigorous and far-reaching program of weekly presentations, social events, dialogs, and workshops, combined with the highest quality online media presence to stimulate and unite our core research efforts. Furthermore, YHouse intends to develop a public space – a café or salon – designed to attract the New York research and technology community, as well as the broader metropolitan population. Our ambition is to be a premier hub for activities addressing the fundamental phenomenon of awareness, the implications for human consciousness, human intelligence, and the human future.

YHouse aims to build an intellectual community spanning academia and the public domain. A key part of that effort takes place through the dissemination of ideas and the creation of opportunities for exchange and connection. YHouse employs a range of media and forums: from online news, blogs, social sites, and video resources, to professional publications, meetings, and collaboration with other institutions.

Examples of YHouse community building includes involvement with: